Why a Content Management System?

Why is a content management system important? To manage a website correctly is to keep the information on it updated regularly and as accurate as possible for your customers. In the past, without in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of website coding and construction, this meant that you would have to pay your web developer for every change required as it was and is an incredibly difficult task for the average business owner. 

In the past, most content updates were handled by the web design company that built the website. Of course, in some cases it remains that way, but with the advent of the Content Management System (or CMS), taking control of your website content is something that you can do yourself, saving time and money.

Joomla the perfect content solution for your business

A website with the ability to be controled by you which requires little to no experience in website management allows for a process of building a cutting-edge website that features easy page management, whilst giving you the perfect content management system for your requirements. With extensive experience in Joomla as well as all forms of website platforms our development team will build the right website template for you and your business, taking into consideration these main factors; your corporate logo and colours whilst suppling a website that gives user ease of use, functionality, flexibility and powerful customer retention. All this as well as working within your budget.

Along with these CMS platforms, we also develop and maintain our very own content management system too.

Introducing EWP AdminPanel - the heart of your new website

A large percentage of the websites that we build are based on Joomla CMS AdminPanel, the best content management platform designed specifically to provide you with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to make changes to your website.

There’s no need to worry if you have little experience with technology, as AdminPanel takes complex tasks and makes them easy to understand. 

Using your secure username and password, logging into AdminPanel and adding a new page, changing text on your company homepage or adding a new photo to your gallery is easy as ABC. Of course, learning an entirely new system can be a little daunting, but our friendly and helpful staff can get you up to speed with AdminPanel in no time and we include a step by step user manual.

Lastly, having a website powered by Joomla guarantees that our team hand-built every line of code in your website, so we know it better than anyone. We are also able to react quickly to your needs, and are not reliant on a third-party when it comes to updates and security. Now that’s true peace of mind.

Why would I want to update my content anyway?

Keeping your website current can make a huge difference to reputation, trust and ultimately customer conversion. Out of date information such as news articles or price lists let a potential customer know that you are behind the curve, especially when your competitors have a website that is up to date. 

A successful search engine strategy also benefits from updating your content on a regularly basis.

A quality CMS can help you:

  • Provide customers with the most recent and accurate information, including product specifications, price lists and stock availability.
  • Demonstrate to the search engines that ‘things are happening’ on your site. Google especially loves fresh information, and how often you update your site helps them to decide how high up you rank in their search listings.
  • Build authority in the marketplace by showing your customers you are the ‘experts’. Creating helpful articles and blog posts position your business as the ‘go-to’ source for new information and events within your field.

If you are always fighting with your current website when making changes, or you cannot make changes at all we invite you to give us a call or email us and find out just how easy is can be to leverage the power of a content management system for your business.










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