Our Not So Standard Website

A website is often the first point of call for your potential clients, so it's vital that your business makes a strong first impression. (EWP) Executive Web Presence can create a full on-line presence to win customer attention and recognition. Your customers first port of call is usually your website, so let us make it memorable.

To make the process of creating and managing your website even easier, we handle all of the technical aspects including web hosting, domain registration and email set-up.

What you receive with our standard website build will amazed you as we include that others charge for.

Executive Web Presence create websites that turn browsers into buyers as we use one of the most powerful CMS database platforms, Joomula 3.0 in every website we develop and add a EWP custom website template. Your new website has the combined technology of Twitter Bootstrap, CSS3 Intergration and Responsive Design giving you and your users fast, ease of use right at everyone's finger tips.

What's Included-

  1. Joomla's latest version 3.0 CMS platform. Advantage: By having Joomla as your platform you get the most advanced platform that is available in today's market and what makes it even better we include the three engines, in short it does not matter what browser or device your site is viewed on the it responds to it and resizes. That means you don't have to pay extra for your site to work on a mobile device.
  2. Choice from over 50 styles of templates to suit you and your business. Advantage: By having a website with a designed template gives your site a continual flow with the same colouring style of text and pages that load extreemly fast.
  3. 12 months website hosting. Advantage: Full inclusive price on your website no extra charge for hosting and after the 12 months hosting from $150.00 per year.
  4. Spam Filter. Our hosting includes the latest spam filtering system. Advantage: Keeps your inbox clean from those annoying un solicited emails.
  5. Logo re-sample to suit your website. Advantage: Your logo that you have had designed needs to be re-sampled as the format in most cases will not suit or cannot be added to your site. Your graphic designer will most likely charge you to supply it in a suitable format. We take care of that so you are no more out of pocket.  
  6. Website design including all graphics
  7. Full website backup. Advantage: If for some reason your site has a problem we can have up and running in no time. No extended down time.
  8. Unlimited email accounts. Advantage: With the ability to have as many email accounts as you want, you can have a newsletter@, admin@, sales@ and any other email names so contacts from your website can be directed to your employees who handle the different types of enquiries
  9. 5 standard web pages
  10. Content writing for 5 pages
  11. One standard contact form. Our standard contact form has fields Name, Email, Repeat Email, Contact Number, Message Subject & Message. Advantage: Our standard contact form has two main features that others don't Contact Number & Repeat Email so when you receive an email from your site you know the email address is correct and also a contact phone number to ring the contact. We also include a special hidden field that traps auto responders which eliminates the need for a captcha and lessens spam.
  12. Access to back end of website through EWP AdminPanel. With our designed websites you have access to the administration section of your site, this enables you to add to the content of the pages or add new pages. Advantage: If your site requires tweaking from time to time you don't have to pay your web designer to change content on your site.
  13. EWP AdminPanel step by step how to manual. You are not left to your own devices our manual will assist you easierly to edit, add or delete pages on your new website.
  14. Submission of website. Once your website is completed it is submitted to the major search engines indexes. Advantage: Starts the process of having your website ranking so your customers are more likely to find you.

As you can see we include many items that most other web designers charge for, contact us now so we may put a complete website and on line package together for you and your business.











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